Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just A Couple Days in Paradise...

Our wonderful, fabulous family and friends provided Parke and me with the opportunity to spend last week in Tortola, a little piece of paradise located in the British Virgin Islands.  We spent the week swimming, eating, and sleeping...basically just treated ourselves to some much needed TLC.  Somehow it is much easier to talk about things that need talking about when you are surrounded by warm beach breezes and swaying palm trees.  I think we came back with our souls restored.  Here are a few shots from our trip...
Right outside of our hotel...hard not to believe that there is good in the world when you see beauty like this

We saw SO MANY rainbows on this trip it was crazy...I was thrilled! I am taking them all as signs of good things to come.

I just think this picture is great, very handsome boy. 

Little sun on our faces, ready to face the world again

I think we both felt Rip with us so much of the time, and that made the trip all the better.  My great-grandmother used to say at the end of every blessing "Thank you Lord for everything and everybody"...those were the words that came to mind when I stood on the beach last week.

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