Sunday, January 16, 2011

A different kind of miracle

After Rip died, I had several people tell me that I needed to watch the episode of Oprah that tells the story of  this family , who tragically lost their three children to a car accident only to have triplets almost one year later.  The triplets, two boys and a girl, are the same genders as the children they lost.

When I finally sat down to watch the show yesterday, I reacted to it differently than I thought I would.
The story is truly miraculous, and the family is an amazing example of how to stay strong through impossibly difficult circumstances.  The part that struck me though, was the moment when Oprah revealed the triplets for the first time, as a "miraculous twist of fate".  The audience erupted in whoops and hollers, claps and cheers...the same reaction I would have had three months ago.

It was the look on the parent's faces that I identify with now.  They looked sad.  They looked like parents who, although thrilled and blessed to have these three babies, were forever going to miss the children they lost.  For them, it appeared that the cheers of the audience were bittersweet.

I understand that feeling.  I pray every day for more children, it is without a doubt what I want more than anything on this earth.  But I know that no matter how many sons and daughters I am lucky enough to have, there will be an element of sadness along with my joy.  Rip was a miracle, and the children I pray for every day will be miracles too...but they are each their own miracle, and gaining one does not fill the gap of losing the other.


  1. on more than one occasion, when someone has asked when we're going to have another child and i tell them "we're 1 and done!", i have heard "but what if something happens to your son?!". as if just popping out another child would replace the one we currently have and love. morons:)

  2. hi Anne....I'm a new follower....I stumbled upon your blog and I read your entire story and I was in tears especially after reading your post that had your mom's email....I haven't shared my story on my blog but I had a miscarriage recently and have been grieving and been unbelievably sad. I can relate to some extent and I think you are an amazing strong woman to share your story and battle the difficulties you face every day! I'll be reading and following you. I hope 2011 brings nothing but happiness for you.