Saturday, October 9, 2010

Vanity fair?

My legs are the one thing about my body I have always been at least semi-proud of. After nearly thirty years of walking on my toes and a good fifteen doing a good bit of running, my legs and my calves in particular have usually been a point of pride for me. My legs have never been really skinny, or unusually long, but they were strong and muscular and that made me feel healthy.

A mere three days of bed rest has pretty much killed that image. My once bulging calf muscles have been reduced to some extra skin hanging off a pitiful looking shin. You know how homemade pudding has those little dimples and wiggles in the most enticing of ways? Well, that effect is not quite the same when it appears on you upper thigh. My new lack of muscle tone has left my upper leg with more craters than the moon. Ewww.

My vision of health was finally shattered last night when they had the physical therapist come move my legs around for "exercise"...I ran a half marathon less than a year ago! Anyway, I know that all of this is temporary and I have plenty of time to get these toothpicks back into shape, I just wanted to document the current state of affairs in case anyone was thinking of using me in a Nair commercial in the next few months.

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